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EPIC Block Club serves the Magnolia Glen neighborhood in the Edgewater community of Chicago, Illinois.  Its geographic borders are the west side of Broadway, east side of Glenwood, north side of Elmdale, south side of Rosedale and both sides of Magnolia to Ardmore.

Founded in 1975, EPIC's acronym is drawn from its name - Every Person Is Concerned.  EPIC is one of the oldest block clubs in Edgewater.  The entire area is voluntarily covered by 11 block captains who distribute flyers announcing meetings and events and gather signatures when petitions are required, among other responsibilities.

EPIC's mission is to promote close relationships and effective communication among community residents, both owners and tenants, so that everyone participates in decisions that affect the EPIC neighborhood. Working together, members make informed choices about safety, neighborhood development and other quality-of-life issues—for EPIC in particular and for the Edgewater community in general.

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