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Clare Lake
Elmdale: Lakewood to Broadway ODD
Elmdale: 1304 to Glenwood EVEN

Magnolia: Elmdale to Thorndale
Thorndale: Magnolia to Broadway EVEN

Willard Duncan
Elmdale: 1264 to Broadway EVEN

John Holden

Elmdale: Lakewood to Glenwood ODD

Marilyn (Lynn) Pierce
Lakewood: Thorndale to Elmdale
Thorndale: Lakewood to Magnolia EVEN

Tracey Dobson
Rosedale: Magnolia to 1328/1329

Michael Frontier, Terry Opalek
Thorndale: Magnolia to Glenwood ODD
Thorndale: Lakewood to Glenwood EVEN
Glenwood: Thorndale to Rosedale

George Diaz
Magnolia: Thorndale to Rosedale
Rosedale: Magnolia to Broadway EVEN
Thorndale: Magnolia to Broadway ODD

Robert Smith
Broadway: Rosedale to Ardmore EVEN
Magnolia: Rosedale to Ardmore
Rosedale: Magnolia to Broadway ODD

Ernie Constantino
Rosedale: 1330/1333 to Glenwood
Glenwood: Thorndale to Ardmore

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