Get involved

There are significant opportunities for involvement in the EPIC Block Club, from becoming a member, to leading the organization to volunteering at meetings and special events.  The opportunities for involvement are described below.  We hope you will get involved with EPIC today!

EPIC Membership

The EPIC Block Club meets quarterly but calls special sessions when issues so demand and hosts informal gatherings, including garage sales, block parties and potluck dinners. Its annual meeting is held in March when the Executive Committee is elected for one-year terms and annual membership dues of $10.00 per household are collected. To find out more and to join the EPIC Block Club, contact us by e-mail.

Attend EPIC Meetings

The importance of this volunteer effort cannot be overemphasized.  Active participation in the block club through meeting attendance and participation is essential to ensure a safe and inviting neighborhood.  EPIC meets annually to elect officers and to hear about what is happening in our community and on an as-needed basis such as licensing and permit requests and other issues impacting our community.  EPIC members have a voice in these issues that can be heard through meeting attendance and voting at meetings.  Meetings are announced through the block club e-mail distribution lists, flyers distributed throughout the neighborhood and on the Events page of our website.

EPIC Executive Committee

EPIC is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of five officers—president, vice president, corresponding secretary, recording secretary and treasurer—and answers to a constituency of more than 600 residents, both property owners and tenants.  Executive Committee members are elected to a one-year term each year at the annual meeting held in March.  An officer can only be elected to the same office for two consecutive years.  Click here to meet your current EPIC Executive Committee.

EPIC Nominating Committee

According to EPIC's bylaws, a five person Nominating Committee with two alternate members is to be elected annually.  The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting the slate of candidates for election to EPIC's Executive Committee.  Three of the Nominating Committee members and one alternate are elected at the annual meeting.  The remaining members and alternate are elected by the Executive Committee at the first meeting of the newly elected committee.  If you are interested in serving on the EPIC Nominating Committee, please e-mail us.

EPIC Block Captains

Every block within the EPIC jurisdictional area is served by a captain. The 11 volunteers primarily distribute flyers for EPIC quarterly and specially scheduled meetings and events, including the spring block parties and fall potlucks and the annual neighborhood yard sale.  Click here to find out who is your EPIC Block Captain.

EPIC Blue Cart Block Captains

At the request of the Departments of Environment and Streets and Sanitation, EPIC recruited seven Blue Cart Recycling Program block captains and five additional volunteers who post pick-up signs on lawns to remind residents of biweekly collections. Click here for a list of EPIC Blue Cart Captains.

Volunteer at Meetings and Special Events

EPIC has an annual meeting each year in March, a spring block party and a Fall potluck.  EPIC also participates in the annual Edgewater Neighborhood Yard Sale with other area block clubs.  Volunteers are always needed to set up and clean up after the meeting or event and also during the event itself.  Click here to learn more about EPIC events.  If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail us.

Call 911 or 311

If you see a crime happening in our neighborhood, please call 911 immediately.  Please don't assume that someone else will call the police.

If you see something that requires city services, e.g. a light out on a city light pole, a downed street sign or graffiti, please report it by calling the non-emergency hotline number at 311.  

To learn more about any of these opportunities, please e-mail us today.  We do hope you will get involved with us to make our neighborhood an even better place to live!

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